«Professional Coatings» magazine is the unique specialized magazine in Ukraine for the paints and coatings industry professionals. It provides the most comprehensive information on industrial powder and liquid coatings, surface preparation, anticorrosive protection, new technologies, coatings equipment and materials.

«Professional Coatings» magazine is for companies providing liquid and powder services, enterprises providing anticorrosive protection of surfaces, furniture manufacturers, large and medium-sized woodworking workshops, paints and coating equipment manufacturers and distributors.

«Professional Coatings» is an A-4 format 8 time per year magazine with 60 pages volume and a 5000 circulation printed in full colour.



«Professional Coatings» magazine has been operating on the Ukrainian market from 2003 year. Most of  companies working in the paints and coatings industry know about our magazine and are our subscribers.

● Direct mail

The database of «Professional Coatings» magazine consists over 15 000 addresses of companies and is divided into following chapters: anticorrosion, paints and coatings production, liquid coating, powder coating, woodworking, construction. We send out usually over 3 000 copies of  every new issue according to the database. 

Direct mail among this companies provide more efficient advertisements in «Professional Coatings» magazine.

● Trade fairs, conferences, trainings

We distribute free of charge copies at trade fairs, conferences and trainings.

● Advertisers

We ofer for our advertisers free of charge copies to distribute them among their own clients.

● Archive


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Assistant Editor:
Inna Nychyporuk
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Roman Buchko
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